Residential Storage & Moving Storage

o If you are selling your home, consider maximizing your space and showcasing your layout by storing some of your furniture and belongings while you do showings.

o If you are moving relocating, have sold your house or are purchasing a new home and need to store some of your items throughout the process, you can trust that your pieces will be safely stored with us! Remodeling/Renovating

o Temporarily storing furniture and items can make renovations much more easy and efficient. Military Deployment

o We know that military service can often bring you across the country and overseas. Store your items and have them waiting for you when you get back. Don't forget, we offer discounts to all Military personnel! Students/College Storage

o Enjoy piece of mind while you are on summer break knowing that your furniture, books, and electronics are being stored safely.

5' x 10' Storage
5' x 10' Storage Bays

One bedroom apartment, Ideal for storing seasonal items, bicycles, record/file storage, business items, clothing, boxes, books.
5' x 10' Storage Bay
50 Square Feet

Rental Price:


10' x 10' Storage
10' x 10' Storage Bays

Two bedroom condo, major appliances, furniture, king size mattress, boxes, business items, clothing, record/file storage, non traditional items and more.
10' x 10' Storage Bay
100 Square Feet

Rental Price:
10' x 15' Storage

10' x 15' Storage Bays

Two/Three bedroom home, furniture, clothing, boxes, king size mattress, major appliances, business merchandise

10' x 15' Storage Bay
150 Square Feet

Rental Price:

10' x 20' Storage

10' x 20' Storage Bays

Single car garage/ three to four bedroom house, major appliances, mattresses, business storage, regular sized car, files, inventory, plus lots of boxes.

10' x 20' Storage Bay
200 Square Feet

Rental Price:

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